10 Crochet Baby Toys

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby and I was thinking it would be nice to make a little something. 

Here is a list of the things I’ve been looking at and links to how you can make them.

  1. Cute Baby Octopus by The Friendly Red Fox. This is lovely and any baby will have loads of fun with it. I think it says they’ve put a rattle inside too. This a free pattern with excellent pictures to go with each step, super simple to make.crochet octopus on books_edited-1
  2. Bobble Sheep by Just Add Crochet (Emma Field). These would look cute in a variety of colours. This is a free pattern working in the round. If you don’t know how to do a bobble stitch, check out this tutorial.bobble sheep
  3. Zebra, Horse, Unicorn all in one by Kristel Droog. This is not a free pattern. You need to pay for the basic horse pattern but it’s free to get the extra bits of pattern to make these variations. Extra parts of pattern can be found here.Zebra horse unicorn
  4. Baby Giraffe by Courtney Deley. This is free pattern worked in the round. This is so adorable and may just be the one I make for my friend’s baby.cute giraffe
  5. Crochet Bunny Hat by MakeAndDoCrew and the pattern can be found here. Ok, so I know this isn’t a toy but I think any kid would enjoy this hat. This free pattern is for a new born but they alternative sizes available too.Free-crochet-bunny-hat-pattern-baby-4
  6. Hettie the Hippo by LisaAuch. This is a free written pattern, so cute with its little bow and twirly tail. hippo-crochet hippo toy
  7. Cheeky Little Monkey by Heart & Sew. This written pattern looks simple enough to make and I think when you see the finished product you’ll be very pleased.free pattern monkey
  8. Ella the elephant and her boy friend by AmigurumiBB. This projects is a little more complicated than the others but look at this picture, it will be totally worth it 🙂ella the elephant and her boyfriend
  9. Giraffe like Baby rattle by Lejla M.S. (anima knitts). This is very simple, a good written pattern along with photos and videos at more complicated sections.giraffe head rattle
  10. Stripey Owl Baby Rattle by Lovely Little Life. I love owls at the moment and the colours used here are amazing. This is a free written pattern with pictures to help.owl-toy


I will keep you updated with what I choose to make and how it turns out

Until next time…



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